Best Architects in Coimbatore

Best Architects in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, the Manchester of the South, is the third-largest city of Tamil Nadu and the seventh best city to live in India. Being a minimal cost-effective city, it is convenient for a working professional lifestyle. Therefore there should be sustainable architects in Chennai like offcentered to create eco-friendly and budget-friendly architectural designs and interior designers in Chennai.Offcentered is the best architects in Coimbatore which performs its architectural works on Residential Projects & Commercial Interiors. We do projects in both contemporary and traditional ones which suites the client’s needs. We bring out the clients dream in to reality. Both interior and exterior are done in such a way to enhances each one to make the residences simple & elegant. One of the most important goals in architecture is to create meaningful, vital and social spaces. As the leading architects in Coimbatore, we are responsible for shaping not only a project's program, but also its larger civic role of enabling and enriching the community.

You took a lot of effort designing your new office or your new home. You usually hire an Architect or an Interior Designer to do this after you have found your office or your home. However, have you considered hiring an expert before you started looking for your office or your home? We specialize in the pre-selection phase of your new office or new home and follow a handholding approach to the logical end of the project. Our team helps you clearly identify what you really need and help take the correct decisions by way of our several pre-selection services. We help you to take informed decisions in an industry which has few set standards, making it difficult for anyone to make apple to apple comparison. When you take informed decisions, it allows you to make optimum use for every penny that you have spent on the new property. Make an impact today!. Offcentered , the best architects in Coimbatore specializes in:

  • Architectural designing for residential purposes
  • Architectural designing for a commercial layout
  • Interior designing for residences
  • Interior designing for commercial spaces
  • Project management
  • Turnkey Management
  • Erecting comfy apartments

Why Choose Offcentered

Architects in Chennai are the soul of a building. They are the ones who decide the design, planning, and layout and make sure that everything works in harmony to make the building a perfect one. Every building needs a good architect to makes sure that the building is well planned both architecturally and aesthetically and is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Offcentered, The Architects in Coimbatore are busiest right now, and the demand for their services has been increasing over the years. Offcentered take care from accessibility to durability, cost effectiveness to environmental impact and much more thus known as sustainable architecture firm.

  • Cost effective
  • Layouts that are specifically designed
  • All building professions, such as structural, electrical, and mechanical, require a high level of discernment.
  • Specialized team of architects/designers licensed in their skillset
  • Prominence in ensuring the safety of the building
  • A platform for collaborative work
  • Elevating human experience in terms of design
  • Creating spaces to enrich lives
  • Addressing all aspects of architectural designing
  • Easily approachable team
  • End to end management of work-related issues
Residential Architectural Gallery Done By Architects in Coimbatore

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Offcentered in Short

Founded Year 2007
Our Partners S.Balasubramanian, D.V.Karthik Raju
Years of Expertise 19 Yrs
Completed Projects 300+
Services Offered Architectural and Interior Design, PMC, Turnkey Contracting
Our Team Size 15
Cost of Service (Approximate) Charged per sq.ft of Project Size.Varies with Projects
Our Service Area’s Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Factories
Contact Number 9884000200
Website Url
Our Headquarters No.7/8, Crescent Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai-30

Frequently Asked Questions!

1) Is Architect an Engineer?

An architect is the one who plans and designs while an engineer applies mathematics and science to develop technical solutions to the architect's design.

2) How can you become an Architect?

There are several methods to become an architect. It is better to do research or consult other architects on choosing the way of practice.

3) Is it easy to become an Architect?

Deciding to pursue architecture is not easy. Often, young students think that they have to be exceptionally talented at drawing or have high marks in math to even apply for architecture programs. Once they get there, many students are overwhelmed by the mountainous tasks ahead.